- Automation for fitness studios and coaches

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Digital future of your club is a superb product for small studios and individual trainers who want to streamline their records and offer customers a good service.

The software will allow you to manage your customer base, memberships, individual and group classes.

Significantly improve classes attendance with automatic reminders via SMS and e-mail.

A self-service system based on a web-cabinet will simplify the way clients manage their reserves and memberships.

You can start using the program for absolutely no cost

How much is the program?

You can initiate the digital transformation for free:

  • manage client base
  • employees
  • services and prices
  • scheduling trainers
  • sign up clients for individual classes
  • analytics upon your activity
  • work remotely using a variety of devices like smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet
  • If you need extra tools, you can always purchase them right from the program using "Extras" menu
  • The data storage of the first hundred customers is free of charge; more than a hundred customers are charged 0.99 € per month for every 100 customers

Noticed that your clients often late for the classes or not arriving at all?

The built-in add-on «Reminder to Customers» will help you to automatically send reminders via SMS, email or even push notifications

Customers do not renew their memberships?

The add-on «Automatic Tasks» allows you to track client related events that require special attention from the sales desk. Based on such events, tasks are created accordingly with the recommended conversation script. A few examples of such events: the client missed the scheduled class, the client was not in the club for a certain period, the client’s membership will expire soon

Want to manage schedule of the group classes?

Use «Group Classes» add-on. It includes a list of classes, scheduling for a period, sign-up tool and analysis of classes popularity

Want to organise self-service for your clients?

The «Self-Service portal» add-on gives your customers the opportunity to: get an update regarding the status of their card, sign up for individual and group classes, purchase memberships, integration with PSP allows you to accept credit card payments

Do you spend extra hours calculating salaries?

The “Payroll calculation” add-on simplifies reporting, thus allowing you to get a salary report in just a few clicks

Want to aim marketing mailing on your clients?

The «Newsletters» add-on has integrations with the popular MailChimp and GetResponse messaging services. You can export contacts to those easily

Want to streamline sales and understand blockage points?

Use the "Sales Funnel" add-on and lay out each step of customer interaction in stages. The entire path of the client, from the first interaction to the actual sale is at a glance. The graphical representation of the sales funnel will help you to see the number of customers at each stage, and in case of customer’s rejection, understand when it occurs and why.

Organizing leads generated from your website or social network? Not a problem!

Purchase the add-on «Lead Capture Form» and simply add a script to your website or social network page to automatically register leads directly into the sales funnel.

Trying to manage up-sales by offering additional goods or services?

Purchase the add-on “Accounting and sale of goods” and you will be able to organize a point of sale, and keep records of goods and stocks of goods